Mental Health and the Workplace Workshop

Mental health at work is crucial for employee wellness, engagement and creativity. Unfortunately, stigma around mental health challenges persist and open dialogue encouraging the creation of mentally healthy workplaces is not yet seen as best practice. This training provides organizations with the language to talk about mental health, the understanding to support employees with challenges and the steps to move towards greater psychological health and safety in the workplace.

Training Details

DURATION | Half day (Three hours)


AUDIENCE | Stakeholders and employees

DELIVERY | Virtual or in person

COST | $1,000

Learning Objectives

By the end of the training, participants will:

  1. Current workplace challenges.
  2. Understanding mental health and mental illness.
  3. Supporting coworkers when they have a mental health challenge.
  4. Defining psychological risk and harm.
  5. Promoting psychological health and safety.
  6. Accommodation and Return to Work.
  7. Measuring your baseline.
  8. Changing organizational culture.
  9. Benefits of mentally healthier workplaces

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