Working Stronger Conference Call for Abstracts

What sets the Working Stronger conference apart?

The Working Stronger Conference features three streams, focusing on:

  1. Mobilizing your workplace mental health strategy
  2. Using lived experience to improve outcomes
  3. Leading with employees’ mental health in mind
The conference offers a robust and stimulating program, including keynote speakers, presentations, panel discussions, training and valuable networking opportunities. The Working Stronger Conference will also showcase successful programs and best practices for personal and professional wellbeing.
Mental health leaders, researchers, employers, managers, human resources professionals, occupational health and safety (OHS) workers and people with lived experience of mental illness at work come together at the Working Stronger Conference to advance mental health in the workplace.

Conference Stream Descriptions

Mobilize your workplace mental health strategy

You are sold on the need for a workplace mental health strategy - now what? This stream provides practical steps and real-world case studies to make mental health matter in your workplace. Using proven techniques, programs, resources and training, organizations and individuals who have built mental health strategies into their workplaces explain how they started and where they are now. Mental health doesn’t have to be complicated. Presenters provide mental health strategies that can be implemented at any level of your organization. Building mental health into your organization’s overall strategy will be less daunting after the Working Stronger Conference.

Lead with your employees' mental health in mind

As a leader, you influence mental health within your workplace. You set the tone, pace and expectations for your team. You are a key piece to how employees perceive their workplace. Learning how to talk about mental health and how to influence the 13 psychosocial factors for workplace mental health can increase productivity, improve engagement and reduce turnover rates. The Working Stronger Conference offers proactive tools, resources and mindsets to maintain and improve employee mental health. Leaders are provided program ideas, activities, tools and practices that promote overall well-being and encourage healthier, more engaged organizations.

Use Lived Experience to improve outcomes

Mental illness and addictions play a significant role in all workplace environments. Learning from those with first-hand experience and discussing various approaches to support and understanding allows us to build capacity and respond appropriately. Participants will learn how workplace stress, bullying, psychological risks, environments and duties play a role in creating organizational mental health. Stories of lived experience illustrate the impacts of mental illness or addiction on the working lives of employees and provides an intimate look into workplace struggles, supports and needs. Individuals share their personal stories and offer solutions to the challenges of supporting workplace mental health.

Instructions for abstract submission

Complete the following information: 

  1. Identify the stream and area of interest
  2. Title of Presentation (relevant to submission/focus of your presentation)
  3. Educational Objectives
  4. Name(s) and pronouns of presenter(s) as you would like them to appear on the conference program/website
  5. Identify format: 45- or 60-minute presentation or webinar
  6. Key Contact Information (address, email and telephone number)
  7. Biography of each presenter (50 words or less)
  8. Abstract suitable for inclusion in the conference program (sales pitch/description of your presentation)
  9. Key points that will be in your PowerPoints or an outline of your presentation
  10. Presentation method details. Include audio/visual equipment required
  11. Please note all presenters are asked to present in person at a production studio in Edmonton, Alberta. Due to COVID, some exceptions may apply 

All submissions will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  1. Relevance to the conference theme
  2. Clarity and coherence of the submission
  3. Contribution of knowledge, expertise or best practices
  4. Relevance and utility to participants
  5. Evidence that submission will encourage interaction among conference participants
  6. Key points of presentation and evidence of ‘participant take-away’

Acceptance as a Presenter

Presenter(s) may submit multiple abstracts for the conference.

  1. Please note: Presenters must be paid registrants. Honoraria and travel reimbursement are not available. Presenters will receive a $150.00 discount on registration fees. Upon acceptance, interested parties have the opportunity to speak at the Working Stronger Conference or host a webinar to all participants up to 12 months after the conference.
  2. An electronic version of the presentation must be submitted to the event manager shortly before the conference for posting to the CMHA, Alberta Division conference site.
  3. Presenters will be provided with a designated time to present by the conference committee.
  4. Recorded presentations by all presenters, including presentation materials, will be available to conference attendees for up to one (1) year after the conference day.


Call for Abstracts Opens: May 17, 2021
Abstract Submission Deadline: September 15, 2021
Results Notification: October 1, 2021
The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Alberta Division  will host our  virtual workplace mental health conference on March 8 & 9, 2022. Working Stronger: Building Strategies – Improving Mental Health is designed to help Alberta’s employers create and maintain mentally healthy workplaces. The Working Stronger Conference makes mental health matter by presenting tools, strategies, resources and supports.
The Working Stronger Conference is a two-day province-wide virtual opportunity that brings together employers, first responders and emergency workers, leaders, employees, union leaders, frontline service workers, consultants, occupational health and safety personnel, human resource professionals and health professionals to learn about best practices in workplace mental health. Through informative speakers, engaging panel discussions and opportunities to connect, the Working Stronger Conference empowers delegates to become mental health champions within their workplaces.
For six years, this leading mental health conference has brought together the most creative and inspiring mental health thinkers and leaders in the field to share their experiences and expertise.

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