Becoming Whole Again: Foundations of Mental Health, Healing and Resilience​

Resilience is a measure of an individual’s capacity to recover from difficulties. In this compelling presentation based on lived experience, Dr. Biali Haas combines her message of hope and inspiration with evidence-based advice on how to build mental health and resilience in challenging times. 

From her extensive knowledge base spanning physical and mental health, human well-being, behavioral psychology, and coaching principles, Dr. Biali Haas will illustrate personal, professional and organizational strategies to fortify your mind, body and life.

Topics covered:

• Dr. Biali Haas’ personal lived experience with depression, burnout and trauma-related anxiety
• Understanding Burnout Syndrome: Definition, signs and symptoms
• Burnout Prevention and Recovery: Fundamental organizational and personal strategies
• Keys for Resilience: How to resource yourself and others through difficult times
• A simple, powerful framework for creating work-life balance in times of overwhelm